Funding your next car or simply selling your current one

Why would I want to sell my car to Malcolm Waite Ltd?

Well for a number of reasons - we can provide accurate valuations based on both the details of your car and current market prices – we value your car as a standalone transaction and not as part of a deal against your potential new car. We will give you a fair and accurate valuation of your car and you will not be disadvantaged when purchasing your new car by using a part-exchange to fund it. Malcolm Waite Ltd has been trading since 1979 and we pride ourselves on treating customers fairly in an open and transparent manner, and our vehicle valuation process is part of that ethos.

All done in 30 mins

From start to finish you can sell your car in approx 30mins

Road fund licence

With all Part exchanges you will now receive a refund of the balance of your tax.

Home Visit

We will come to your house to value your car if it is more convenient for you

Any Car

We will buy any make or model of car regardless of age or mileage

Accurate Valuations

We use your vehicle’s registration to accurately identify it so we know exactly what make and model it is and whether it has any Factory Fitted Options. We then check the condition of the car, the mileage and service history. All of this information helps us to make a unique valuation for your car. We then compare this information against other similar cars selling in the market place, on other dealer’s forecourts as well as on-line. The information gathered is liver market data and helps us build an accurate picture of your car’s true value on that day.

Standalone Transaction

When we value a car we value it alone and not as part of a wider transaction. When part-exchanging your car against a new Ford or pre-owned vehicle the offer we make for your current vehicle and the price we charge for our car are two stand-alone values, we don’t look at it as a combined deal. This means there would be no difference in value in paying for your new car entirely for cash or for cash and part-exchange.

Selling your car for cash

We will buy cars for cash. There are a number of reasons why people are looking to sell their car and we will happily make an offer to purchase any make or model or car. Selling your car privately will take far longer and involves greater effort and inconvenience on your part. The advantages of selling your car to Malcolm Waite Ltd are that we will give a fair price, it is quick and easy. We will do all the administration for you and we can drop you home with a cheque in your hand on the same day. If it is more convenient for you, and you don’t live too far away, then we will come out to your home to conduct the valuation.

Do contact us

To get your car valued you can book an appointment by calling 01304 613685 or by making an appointment using the Enquiry Form below.

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